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LESS THAN 3% of Americans have a healthy lifestyle according to a recent report. How does your lifestyle rate? In this episode, find out:

--Why Dr. Prather says that the report's criteria of a healthy lifestyle actually weren't that high...and we STILL failed miserably as a nation.

--The four factors considered in this report to determine a "healthy lifestyle": Smoking, Healthy Diet, Normal Body Fat, and Sufficient Exercise.

--Why Dr. Prather calls a combination of Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy one of the most effective methods to stop smoking, along with Homeopathic remedies well-proven to stop the addiction.

--The difference between what Dr. Prather describes as "real food" versus "chemical food". And how we all need supplements (or concentrated food) to help us make up for our nutritional deficiencies.

--What is normal body fat percentage, and the reason Dr. Prather prefers body fat percentage measurement over BMI (Body Mass Index). And the Body Composition Analysis Dr. Prather uses to evaluate fat percentage.

--Why Dr. Prather focuses on FAT loss, not just WEIGHT loss (which can include muscle and organ mass).

--How The Prather Plan fat loss program discovers the underlying health reason why people have trouble losing weight, such as thyroid or hormone issues.

--How The Prather Plan fat loss program "tricks" the body to go after the fat.

--What a good exercise program should look like.

--How men shorten their life spans by not getting necessary health screenings.


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