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Obesity has become the biggest health problem in America and is classified as a disease process. In this episode, you'll discover:

--The body fat percentage that is classified as obese.

--Why Body Mass Index is not a reliable indicator, and the test that IS an accurate measurement of body fat percentage.

--That America's dramatic increase in obesity has occurred WITHOUT an increase in calorie intake. (And what is the true cause of the obesity increase.)

--The studies that show how 95% people on diets have a higher fat percentage five years later. (And the danger of losing weight in your muscle and organs instead of fat.)

--The HCG Diet that helps you lose fat--especially belly fat--instead of muscle. (And why the HCG Diet must be accompanied with a calorie restriction to ensure you burn fat.)

--How the HCG program increases men's Testosterone and sperm count, along with energy and libido. And how HCG must be medically-supervised and for a limited amount of time.

--The 2-week start-up special for just $99 that runs through the middle of March 2015: "Don't Wait To Lose The Weight".

--How Dr. Prather has over 200 methods for weight loss available to get the right individual program for long-lasting results for his patients.

--The natural vitamin injections to help flush toxins out of the body and help you to feel good during your weight loss program.

--Marc's story of how he lost 47 pounds in five weeks and went from 37% body fat to 23% body fat during that time.


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