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It's that time of year when the flu season charges upon us. What should you do to best protect yourself from the flu? In this episode, you'll learn:

--The symptoms of the flu and how those symptoms differ from a cold. And the health conditions and populations which have a greater risk for the flu.

--Why Dr. Prather doesn't get a flu shot...and hasn't had the flu since high school.

--How last year's flu shot had an effectiveness of 47%, which was considered successful.

--How the Centers for Disease Control does NOT recommend the nasal spray vaccine option this year.

--Why you shouldn't just rely on the vaccine and should take steps to boost your immune system.

--The serious potential side effects from the flu shot, including Guillain-Barre Syndrome patients Dr. Prather has treated whose problems began with the flu vaccine.

--Why you need to measure your immune system through blood tests to know the true status of your health. And how your immune system is one of the biggest indicators of how long you'll live.

--Why Dr. Prather has a stricter standard when reading blood work than the average Medical Doctor. (The difference between Structure/Function Health Care and Disease Care.)

--How Dr. Prather makes it a priority to determine WHY your immune system is compromised (and 80% of the time the culprit is the gut).

--That Homeopathic hospitals only had a 10% death rate during the Spanish Flu, while medical hospitals had a 90% death rate. And how Homeopathy can help you to prevent and fight the flu.


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