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We're continuing our series on The 8 Pillars Of Perfect Health. This week, we focus on the impact of water on your health. In this episode, discover: 

--That we are mainly water (70% at birth) and that it's best to keep our water level at 60% of our body.
--The consequences of drinking TOO MUCH water and why it "makes you a little crazy" before it shuts down the kidneys and the heart.  

--The consequences of too little water (dehydration), which is bad for the kidneys and the colon. And why the vast majority of people have dehydration. 

--Why someone's biological age is indicated by how well your kidneys function.  

--How dehydration impacts constipation, how young your skin looks, high blood pressure (hypertension), and how your brain works.  

--The balance of water you should have within your cells and outside of your cells (and the body composition analysis Dr. Prather uses to determine this).  

--How you can tell from the color of your urine if you are drinking enough water.  

--Why your pH level can switch the chemical reactions of your body and is a big determinant in many diseases that develop including Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease. And why Dr. Prather calls distilled water "cancer water".  

--How much and what kind of water you should drink (including Dr. Prather's thoughts on specific brands of bottled water and the reverse osmosis process).  

--The three tests you should have at least once a year that include measurement of how hydrated you are.

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