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At the same time our nation had the COVID-19 pandemic, we also continue to battle an opioid pandemic.  Dr. Prather talks about the three waves of the opioid pandemic.  In this episode, we talk about:

—How the opioid pandemic began in the 1990's with a new approach to pain control based on greed and faulty science.

—Why the reduction of reimbursement rates for chiropractic and physical therapy by insurance companies contributed to the increased use of opioids.

—The "brainwashing" of patients to believe that a pill solves everything.

—The shocking story of an 85-year-old pastor's wife who became addicted to heroin as a result of an opioid prescription from her doctor.

—How opioids "make pain worse" and destroy the body's own natural opioid receptors.

—Why opioids should ONLY be used for acute pain and for less than two weeks.

—The deadly synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl (which comes from China) that are causing a worsening third wave of our country's opioid pandemic.

—How 80% of all opioid consumption in the world is done in the United States.

—The story of how the movie "Groundhog Day" was censored by drug companies because it had a positive message about Chiropractic care.

—Plus, a special final segment with a Mom who lost her son to opioid addiction and is now helping other families from having to experience this tragedy.  Go to OverdoseLifeline.org for more information.



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