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Auriculotherapy is a safe treatment that uses micro-current electrical stimulation on the ear to make changes throughout the body. In this episode, learn:

--Why Dr. Prather calls Auriculotherapy "one of the most powerful therapies we do".

--How Auriculotherapy "rewires the central computer (the brain)” using the ear as the conduit to your brain.

--Why it is called "the most proven therapy in the entire world".

--How Auriculotherapy is especially helpful in chronic pain patients.

--The life-changing story of a fibromyalgia patient who, after years of suffering, eliminated three different pain medications after just one week of treatment.

--Why Auriculotherapy provides amazing changes for patients who have tried everything else, had nothing work, and have no hope.

--The remarkable way that the ear is a perfect representation of the entire body, and how you can affect anything and everything in the body by working on the ear.

--How Auriculotherapy helps with addictions (food, drugs, smoking), anxiety, insomnia, learning disorders, emotional issues, PTSD, and phantom limb pain.

--How children with ADD/ADHD are transformed through this therapy (and without drugs).

--Why Dr. Prather believes Auriculotherapy is one of the major futures of health care in providing natural pain relief instead of dangerous, addictive prescription drugs.



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