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The Centers for Disease Control is alerting the public to the danger of antibiotic overuse and misuse. Dr. Prather has the answer with alternatives to antibiotics. In this episode, you'll learn:

--The recommended natural products that are available to combat viruses, such as Vitamin A for Measles and Echinacea to keep the Lymphatic System flowing.

--The two ways of going after infections: (1) Going after the infection itself with pharmaceuticals and (2) Building up the body to battle the infection with its own immune system. And why natural methods of Structure-Function Health Care should be the first line of defense before resorting to the pharmaceuticals.

--The side-effects of antibiotics such as a head-to-toe rash, diarrhea, fungal and yeast infections, difficulty breathing, facial swelling, watery or bloody stool, mouth sores, nerve damage and permanent neuropathy, and C. Diff. infection.

--The proper testing to do in advance to see which antibiotic will work (or if it will work) before it is given. And how only about 5% of all infections are even touched by an antibiotic.

--The approach The Prather Practice uses to combat C. Diff. infection by rebuilding the gut flora through short-chain fatty acids and bacterial spores. And why this method is more favored than fecal implant procedures that sre often only temporarily effective.

--Why Gold is "extremely effective" in getting MRSA under control when other methods failed.

--How children under the age of one-year have a 10 times greater chance of reactions than adults. And why Dr. Prather says you should ALWAYS try to find an alternative to antibiotics when treating children.

--Why Dr. Prather says it is "a crazy thing" to use antibiotics on ear infections, which do not work because the infection is almost always viral or swelling related to teething. And the best way of treating bacterial ear infections through short-wave Diathermy and natural products such as homeopathy and Vitamin A.

--The method Dr. Prather uses to help Moms open up the Eustachian Tubes for ears that are backed up. And how he trains Moms on what to look for in their child's ear.

--How if a child has six or more antibiotics before the age of five, they are six times more likely to have a learning disability.



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