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The Body Composition Analysis is a test given to all new patients at The Prather Practice. Dr. Prather says it's one of his favorite tests. In this episode, find out:

--How the Body Composition Analysis reveals what your body is made of and the state of your health before Dr. Prather runs any other tests.

--The "gold standard" accuracy of the simple, painless Body Composition Analysis.

--Why Dr. Prather says your fat percentage is a better measure of your body's health compared to the Body Mass Index (BMI).

--The dangers of being "skinny fat", including a failure to reproduce (in both men and women) and organ failure.

--How it is harder to lose weight the higher you go in your fat percentage, causing "a vicious cycle" that changes the entire physiology of how your body works.

--Why the next generation will not live as long as their parents' generation.

--The reason why most diets do not work.

--Why Dr. Prather says to "forget weight" and "focus on body fat percentage".

--How the measure of your body's water percentage (both within your cells and outside of your cells) affects the physiology and homeostasis of your body.

--The "phase angle" of your body and its importance to your health.


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