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Cavities are more than just a problem in your mouth, but an indicator of your overall health. In this episode, you'll learn:

--That a cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by an infection.

--The role of pH and bacteria in the development of cavities. And how amalgam dental fillings and stress make your mouth pH more acidic.

--That 80% of your immune system is in the gut (and the definition of "the gut" includes your mouth).

--How dentists were the first nutritionists and helped form the foundation of nutritional research. And how the first dentists would use diet and nutrition to regrow a damaged tooth instead of putting in fillings.

--Why Dr. Prather says pomegranate juice is "one of the best things" you can drink for the health of your teeth. Plus, other drink recommendations to substitute for unhealthy sodas.

--How probiotics can play a huge role in preventing cavities by properly balancing out your mouth flora. And why Dr. Prather says, "If things are off in the mouth, the whole digestive process does not work as it should."

--Why Xylitol is "one of the easiest and quickest" ways to help the health of your mouth and prevent cavities. Plus, how it is much more effective than Fluoride, as too much Fluoride in your system can cause problems such as Cancer.

--That a fiber-rich diet is the most proven way to lose weight, improves your nutrition, plus helps to change your mouth ph and promote good bacteria in your mouth.

--That high Copper and high Aluminum will cause cavities, especially in children. And how Vitamin D and Iodine are critical to the health of your teeth.

--How The Prather Practice uses Homeopathic Medicines and herbals for detoxification and the supplementation of minerals to improve your overall and dental health.



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