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Coronavirus and other viruses like the flu become dangerous and deadly when they turn into Pneumonia.  In this episode, we talk about:

—An update on Coronavirus, including the regulatory changes that allow doctor's offices to respond more efficiently to patients without making sick patients come into the office.

—The definition of Pneumonia.  And the symptoms you should be aware of.

—Why having a fever is the reaction of a healthy immune system.

—The different kind of cough associated with the Coronavirus and why the body is responding differently to it compared to other viruses.  And, how a cough that produces mucus is actually a sign that you DON'T have Coronavirus. 

—When you want to AVOID taking an antibiotic so that you don't weaken your immune system.

—How Pneumonia is diagnosed and which tests you should get first to rule it out.

—The different types of infections that are the causes of Pneumonia:  Bacterial, Viral, and Mycoplasma.  And the definition of "Walking Pneumonia".

—How Dr. Prather helps patients to boost their immune system.

—Why your liver and kidneys are key indicators to how susceptible you are to Pneumonia.

—The treatment offered at The Prather Practice that was actually invented to combat Pneumonia.  Plus, the Immune Booster Package being offered at The Prather Practice to help people at this time.



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