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About 10% of those over the age of 65 and at least 50% of those over the age of 85 show signs of dementia. In this episode, discover:

--The difference between dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

--How Alzheimer's Disease is increasing and is now the sixth-leading cause of death in America.

--The risk factors for dementia, such as: family history, drugs use (both pharmaceutical and recreational), alcohol use, smoking, diabetes, poor nutrition, and cardiovascular disease.

--Why medications are often a cause of dementia symptoms, especially cholesterol medications.

--How the Structure-Function approach to Health Care focuses on getting the body into homeostasis and should be 80% of our health care. Plus, how Structure-Function Care is more reliant on diagnostics than Disease Care.

--Why Dr. Prather says dementia symptoms are usually a multi-faceted process and not just a singular cause.

--The importance of Hair Analysis to discover heavy metal toxicities in dementia patients.

--The connection between hormones and dementia. And the relationship between inflammation in the body and dementia symptoms.

--Why Chiropractic can produce "great results" for dementia patients and can make a person's thinking clearer.

--How Acupuncture has been found by the World Health Organization to help with Alzheimer's Disease and dementia. And the connection between depression and dementia.


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