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Detoxification is an important daily part of our body's function. But the vast majority of people need some additional type of detoxification to feel their best. In this episode, you'll learn:

--The major systems in our body responsible for detoxification (skin, lungs, liver, bowels, spleen, and kidneys).

--Why you automatically become toxic if you are dehydrated.

--How toxicity leads to fat accumulation and why detoxification is a key part of weight loss. (Plus, the number of bowel movements you should have daily in order to prevent toxicity and lose weight,)

--How your chances of surviving Cancer increase if you can keep your liver cleansed. And how detoxification is extremely important for Cancer prevention, Cancer treatment, and helping to stop Cancer from coming back.

--Why you can harm yourself doing a detox, and why Dr. Prather strongly advises having a doctor's guidance through a detox program.

--The lab tests you need to see how toxic you are,

--Why Dr. Prather prefers gentle detoxifications instead of aggressive detox programs that stress the body.

--That 80% of all autoimmune disease comes from the bowels. And how toxins are ALWAYS a crucial part in battling autoimmune disease.

--Why you actually need to be healthy in order to fast.

--How a 5-day food rotation diet takes stress off of the body and helps to eliminate toxins. (And why Dr. Prather calls it a "major secret to health and longevity".)



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