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About 23 million Americans are diagnosed with Diabetes, but over 30 million Americans actually have it. Over 84 million Americans are considered pre-diabetic. In this episode, find out:

--The difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. And the role of the Coxsackievirus as a cause of Type 1 Diabetes.

--How Type 2 Diabetes "can always be reversed".

--The correlation between the rise of Diabetes and the rise of obesity in America.

--Why Dr. Prather says it is not a matter of calories consumed, but chemicals being consumed through our food. And why Dr. Prather says to stay on the outside aisles of the grocery store in order to stay healthy.

--The Body Fat Percentage range that will make your chances of getting Diabetes very slim. And why Dr. Prather prefers a Body Composition Analysis to a Body Mass Index measurement.

--The Glycemic Diet which Dr. Prather recommends for his Diabetes patients.

--Why the less insulin you have to take, the better it will be for your health and longevity.

--How early diagnosis (through annual checks) can make a huge difference for Diabetic patients.

--How the Endocrine System (which includes the Pancreas) and the hormones must be properly balanced FIRST before a patient can focus on weight loss without leading to frustration and failure.

--Why Chiropractic adjustments and Acupuncture can make "amazing changes" for Diabetes patients. And why Dr. Prather says that herbs are "an excellent way" to treat Diabetes.


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