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Fibrocystic Breast is something that HALF of all women will suffer from at some time in their life. It can be scary and painful. In this episode, discover:

--That Fibrocystic Breast should be taken seriously (but sometimes is not by doctors) and is an indicator that something is wrong in your overall health and well-being.

--Why it is important to learn how to do a proper self-exam to differentiate between Cancerous Tumors and Cysts.

--The controversy on whether Fibrocystic Cysts have a correlation with breast Cancer. And why Dr. Prather believes there is a higher likelihood of getting breast Cancer if you have Fibrocystic Breasts.

--How the traditional medical treatments for Fibrocystic Breasts have a low success rate. And the amazing story of a young woman who was recommended for a double mastectomy, but had no cysts just three months after Dr. Prather dealt with the underlying "free radical pathology in her gut".

--The "Body Is The Hero" Structure-Function approach to Health Care that Dr. Prather uses to get the body working in proper balance (or "Homeostasis"). And how getting the body into Homeostasis allows the body to heal itself of Fibrocystic Breast.

--Why Dr. Prather's Structure-Function Health Care approach relies more heavily upon diagnostic tools and lab tests than the Disease Care approach. And how this reflects an individual approach to a person's health care as the underlying cause of symptoms can be different for each patient.

--The many different underlying causes of Fibrocystic Breast including hormones, toxic liver, lymphatic problems, structural issues, low Iodine, low Vitamin D, or an imbalance of Fatty Acids.

--That there are 64 different hormones that affect the breasts, the balance of which vary based upon the time of the month. Plus, the gentle approach Dr. Prather uses in balancing out a patient's hormones compared to dangerous pharmaceutical hormone replacement or bioidentical hormones.

--How high fiber intake reduces toxins, balances hormones, sheds weight, lowers free radicals, and helps clear up the Fibrocystic Breast condition. And why Dr. Prather says 98% of people need more fiber.

--How a backed up lymph system (through infections or allergies) impacts breast health. And why Dr. Prather says to avoid underwire bras.



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