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Flu season runs from October to March in the Northern Hemisphere. Dr. Prather will help you prepare for it. In this episode, find out:

--The signs and symptoms of flu. And how to tell the difference between the flu and a cold.

--How far water droplets carrying the flu virus can travel when someone sneezes. Plus, how long the water droplets can stay in the air to expose you to the flu virus.

--The complications of flu and how long the flu should last before it becomes really necessary to see a doctor.

--Those who are at most risk for getting the flu. And the test your doctor should give you to accurately diagnose the flu.

--Why a Structure-Function office like The Prather Practice focuses on building up the immune system instead of giving vaccinations. And the potential risks associated with taking the flu vaccine.

--Which flu vaccines you should not take because they do not work. And which flu vaccine you should ask for if you do decide to vaccinate.

--Why nutritional supplements are really "concentrated foods" you take to boost the immune system. And which supplements Dr. Prather especially recommends for the flu.

--How anti-cholesterol statin drugs make you MORE susceptible to the flu. And the supplement Dr. Prather suggests you take to help offset that susceptibility.

--That Homeopathic hospitals during the 1918 Spanish Flu had only a 10% death rate while the medical hospitals had a death rate of 90%. And how Dr. Prather uses Homeopathy to "make some amazing changes" in helping his patients fight the flu today.

--What can be done to prevent the flu. Plus, find out how bad the flu season is expected to be this year.



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