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Holidays can be a stressful time on our bodies. And many people are sick right now as a result of that extra stress. In this episode, discover:

--The amazing difference in your immune system when smiling and frowning.

--How both massage and acupuncture can help you relax and relieve stress on the body. And how some patients say acupuncture is actually more relaxing than the massage!

--The natural products and supplements that can help you sleep (with no pharmaceuticals and no risk.)

--Why you shouldn't put a winter coat on a child in a car seat.

--Why NOW is the best time to get your annual exams since most people have already met their insurance or Medicare deductible.

--How Chiropractic adjustments are important in combating the stress that knock you out of proper alignment.

--The natural, non-pharmaceutical, products at The Prather Practice to help fight illness.

--How you can give the gift of health to loved ones this year.

--That dishwashers and washing machines actually help our health.

--Why Vitamin D is an important part of keeping up your immune system in the winter, BUT you need to be tested for it to avoid taking too much.



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