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The Gallbladder is a very small organ that can have a very big impact on a person's health. About 20% of us have Gallbladder issues, with that percentage rising to around 40% after you reach the age of 65. The Gallbladder In this episode, discover:

--How a malfunctioning Gallbladder can effect your absorption of key vitamins. And how a Gallbladder problem "will put a tire on your middle" and cause weight issues.

--Why your bowels will not function correctly with a Gallbladder problem and result in constipation, cancers, and cardiovascular disease. And the meaning of light-colored stools in terms of Gallbladder health.

--Why you MUST have nutritional supplementation if you have had your Gallbladder removed. And when you should have your Gallbladder removed.

--How Dr. Prather has never come across a true case of Gilbert's Syndrome because the issue is always the Gallbladder.

--The connection between right shoulder blade pain and Gallbladder problems. And how GERD, Acid Reflux, and Hemorrhoids can be an indicator of Gallbladder problems.

--Why women, African-Americans, and Native Americans are more likely to develop Gallbladder problems.

--How weight loss and increased stress can cause additional Gallbladder problems.

--The reason a Mediterranean diet is helpful for those with Gallbladder issues. And why Dr. Prather says "fiber is one of the quickest ways to get your Gallbladder under control".

--The importance of an alkaline diet and avoiding eggs, pork, and onions if you have Gallbladder issues. And the improvement Dr. Prather has seen in his Gallbladder patients after identifying food allergies.

--The "immediate relief" Gallbladder patients with "emergency room pain" feel from Chiropractic and Acupuncture. And the "secret weapon" of Diathermy to help Gallbladder patients.


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