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'Tis the season to be jolly! But it's also the season where we feel the additional stress of holiday obligations. Dr. Prather says there are ways we can help manage this stress and remain healthy through the holidays. In this episode, learn:

--What stress does to our health and our immune system.

--Why Dr. Prather says that stress is "the number one reason people die earlier". And how stress causes "every single organ in the body to work improperly".

--The 80-20 balance we need between a "rest and digest" mode (parasympathetic nervous system) and the 'fight or flight" mode (sympathetic nervous system) to have a healthy nervous system.

--The importance of proper diaphragmatic breathing to manage stress and change your nervous system. And why people make fun of Dr. Prather for breathing so loud! :-)

--How deeply you breathe is the BIGGEST indicator of how long you live (and can also keep you younger).

--Why massage is an important part of your health regimen for managing stress.

--The direct effect on the nervous system that chiropractic adjustments have on the body.

--How Acupuncture "immediately changes the hormones of the body" and increases the body's own natural opiate production. Plus, how Acupuncture removes the cravings of those dealing with opiate addiction.

--The powerful Auriculotherapy treatment that works on ear acupuncture points to change your brain waves and helps with anxiety, depression, addiction, and other psychological disturbances. And why Dr. Prather calls this "the most proven therapy in the world".

--Why exercise helps give a physical release to the body's "fight or flight" reaction to stress. And the negative impact sugar has on a person's stress levels.


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