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Cancer is the #2 killer of Americans. But there are strategies to help prevent 85% of Cancer cases and improve your chances of survival and quality of life. In this episode, you'll learn:

--How the Structure/Function approach to health care doesn't treat the disease, but focuses on the homeostasis of the body.

--The difference between the two FDA classifications for health care: Disease Care and Structure/Function Care.

--The effectiveness of the Disease Care model for Cancer, and how the effectiveness depends on the type of Cancer.

--Why you need a Structure/Function doctor to build up your body while an oncologist fights your cancer.

--What causes Cancer and how long it takes for Cancer to develop. Plus, the factors that must be present for Cancer to occur.

--Why anemia is a huge factor in Cancer and reduces your chances of survival by 50%.

--How a toxic liver can lead to Cancer, and why detoxification of your liver and kidneys are important in fighting Cancer.

--How Structure/Function Care helps build your body's immune system to prevent and fight Cancer.

--Why pH is "so important" in Cancer and why minerals are key to pH. (And the right approach to the Alkaline-Acidity balance.). Plus, why Dr. Prather calls distilled water "Cancer Water" and advises AGAINST it.

--The steps you should take if you or a loved one is diagnosed with Cancer. Including how there are 85% fewer complaints (pain, nausea, etc.) if a Cancer patient receives Structure/Function care along with their Cancer treatments.


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