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Diabetes causes a great deal of damage to the body, and 50% of those with Diabetes don't even realize they have it. In this episode, learn:

--The three different types of diabetes (and why our current lifestyle is causing a huge increase in Type 2 Diabetes).

--The annual tests you should have to stay on top of your health, and the symptoms of Diabetes you should be aware of.

--Why children drinking large amounts of milk can be a precursor to Type 1 Diabetes.

--The viral, autoimmune, and lifestyle causes of Diabetes.

--How Type 2 Diabetes can be REVERSED (and why "less sugar, more fiber" is key).

--Why carbohydrates and wheat should be avoided by Diabetics (and the stories of patients who reversed their Diabetes and lost weight by doing this).

--The best exercise program to get your Diabetes under control and drop your blood sugar levels.

--How Dr. Prather is able to help his Type 1 patients reduce insulin needed by 50% with nutritional changes and Type 2 patients to completely reverse their Diabetes.

--The role of herbs (low calorie and high in nutrition) in managing Diabetes and which herbs work best in managing your blood sugar.

--The vitamins and minerals that are helpful for Diabetes (and why Dr. Prather says he sees quicker changes with Minerals than anything else).

--The strong effect on Diabetes from regular Chiropractic adjustments and Acupuncture.



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