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Recent news stories reported that people have been hospitalized with Campylobacter Infection from handling puppies in pet stores. In this episode, we talk about:

--What the Campylobacter Infection is and the symptoms of it (including bloody diarrhea, fever, and nausea).

--How the Campylobacter Infection is antibiotic-resistant and how people catch it.

--That the Campylobacter Infection is the most common infection in the gut with 1.3 million infections each year in the U.S.

--How 33% of all chicken meat has Campylobacter on it, but washing chicken can actually SPREAD Campylobacter.

--How bacteria becomes antibiotic-resistant and what prescribing and environmental patterns we need to change.

--The difference between Acute Campylobacter Infections and Chronic Campylobacter Infections that Dr. Prather often finds patients are unaware of (but is the root cause of their health issues).

--The connection between Campylobacter and autoimmune diseases such as Osteoarthritis and Guillain-Barre.

--The DNA stool kit testing that The Prather Practice does to diagnose the underlying infection in a patient (and how it is covered by most insurances).

--The natural answer The Prather Practice offers for infections that are antibiotic-resistant including infection-killing oxygen drops, herbals, and Homeopathics that stimulate the body's own immune system.

--How The Prather Practice builds up the GOOD bacteria in your gut which leaves no room for any additional type of infections. (And how lab tests show that "no one" has good gut flora when they first come into The Prather Practice as patients.)



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