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This week—after four years of decline—the Centers for Disease Control announced life expectancy in America has increased.  In this episode, we talk about:

—The reasons behind the decline of the life expectancy in America for the past few years.

—How smoking and drugs impact all of the top five causes of death in America.

—Why Dr. Prather says America's life expectancy (compared to the rest of the developed world) is "terrible".

—Why Dr. Prather says America's health care problems are NOT because we spend too little money on our health care system.

—How the Presidential Commission on the opioid crisis suggested moving to chiropractic, acupuncture, and body work as the first line of treatment.  And how the pharmaceutical companies then eliminated those recommendations.

—The role of pharmaceutical drugs and "polypharmacy" (taking four or more prescriptions) in the poor longevity of Americans.

—How the American Cancer Society attributes 65% of all Cancers to our diet.

—The one "magic supplement" Dr. Prather gives to patients who want to see optimal health.

—Plus, Dr. Prather gives an update on the Coronavirus and this year's Flu season.



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