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Not only live to be 100, but live in a vibrant, active, and healthy way. In this episode, find out:

--The likelihood you have of living to be 100 and how the odds of reaching that age are increasing.

--How 90 year-old males are HEALTHIER with better health and performance than they had 10 years earlier.

--Why the senior years can be the most rewarding and fulfilling years of your entire life. And the maximum life span possible according to recent scientific research.

--Why Dr. Prather says you'd look like you were age 21 forever if you were fully oxygenated. And how the biggest indicator of how long you live is how deeply you breathe.

--What a "balanced" exercise program looks like that includes aerobic, resistance, and kinesthetic exercises. And how your flexibility indicates how young you are.

--The importance of avoiding injuries as you age and how a hip fracture increases your likelihood of death. Plus, how Chiropractic care can help the Indianapolis Colts to reduce their terrible injury rate!

--Why Structure-Function Health Care and avoiding pharmaceuticals is ESSENTIAL to living to the age of 100.

--That how well your kidneys work is one of the best indicators of how your heart is working. And the direct correlation between how old you are biologically and how well your kidneys function.

--The key role of your gut health in combating autoimmune diseases (including Type II Diabetes, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, and Myofasciitis). And how Constipation increases your chances of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer.

--Why keeping your Hormones balanced properly is essential to aging well and extending your life.



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