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Since the Prathers are grandparents for the first time with a three-month old grandson, they thought this would be a great time for a show on infant health care! In this episode, find out:


--Why Structure-Function Health Care during an infant's formative years can benefit their long-term health. And why Dr. Prather says this type of care is where children should be instead of Disease Care.


--That children who have 6 or more antibiotics before the age of 5 are 6 times more likely to develop learning disabilities. And why Dr. Prather says children should be kept away from pharmaceuticals (even over-the-counter ones).


--How babies "love" the gentle, non-force Chiropractic adjustments in Dr. Prather's office. And why Dr. Prather says it is the safest form of health care based on insurance premiums of health care providers.


--That Colic (which affects 40% of babies) comes from the gut, where infants have "exquisite sensitivity". And how Dr. Prather uses probiotics, herbals, and Homeopathics to give babies relief when medical options have little to offer.


--How a baby's gut health impacts their I.Q., the strength of their immune system, and even their tendency to get ear infections. And why Dr. Prather says there is a connection between ADD/ADHD and gut health.


--How Dr. Prather helps Otitis Media (Ear Infections) through Chiropractic adjustments, Diathermy, and Homeopathy. And why recommendations of removal of Adenoids and Tonsils are often unnecessary after Dr. Prather's natural approach.


--Why breastfeeding is the best way to maintain the health of a baby, with 60% fewer health problems in breastfed babies.  


--The diagnostics necessary for young children, including a stool kit every six months up until the age of six. And why Dr. Prather says this will result in an allergy-free child that doesn't get sick.


--Why an annual Hair Analysis can help prevent Heavy Metal Toxicity in children, who are far more sensitive to such toxicities compared to adults. And how Centers for Disease Control studies show 40% of children suffer from Heavy Metal Toxicity.


--How Chiropractic adjustments on a child's nervous system can even impact their behavior so that the adjustments make recommended medications like Ritalin unnecessary.





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