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Indiana has an Iodine deficiency. And the list of symptoms associated with Iodine deficiency is LONG. In this episode, discover:

--Why the Midwest used to be called "The Goiter Belt". And why only 5% of the patients coming through Dr. Prather's office have a normal Thyroid.

--The MANY symptoms of low Iodine, including: fatigue, apathy, depression, irritability, weight gain, constipation, menstrual issues, premenstrual syndrome, infertility, insomnia, low libido, carpal tunnel syndrome, sensitivity to cold and heat, recurring infections, high cholesterol, anxiety, panic attacks, poor memory and concentration, anemia, slow healing, hoarse voice, tingling hands and feet, hair loss, dry skin and hair, headaches, water retention, dry eyes, and blurred vision.

--How patients have been told by other doctors that their Thyroid is fine, but Dr. Prather finds the tests have not been thorough enough.

--The difference between Structure-Function Health Care (like what is used at The Prather Practice) and Disease Care when interpreting bloodwork.

--How Iodine is important for muscle development, proper organ function, the entire endocrine system, the brain, and has "a far-reaching effect on every cell of the body”.

--The importance of Iodine for a baby's growth and development, along with the I.Q. of a child. 

--Why Iodine is "essential" for weight loss.  And how Iodine prevents flabby muscles and promotes good muscle tone.

--The necessity of proper Zinc levels and proper Liver function for the body to utilize and absorb Iodine.

--The way Iodine helps stop infections as an antiseptic, killing bacteria and fungals when put on cuts. And when taken internally, it helps keep infections down.

--The "big area that is often missed" of low Iodine kicking off hyperestrogenism in females, which increases a woman's risk of cancer and is associated with premenstrual syndrome. And how Iodine is the cure for Fibrocystic breast disease and is helpful with endometriosis. 



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