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Around 80% of women and 20% of men are shown to be low in iron. Everyone should have their iron checked at least once per year. In this episode, find out:

--The amazing story about how an iron supplementation program helped a girls cross country team qualify for State, improve academic performance, and even be better behaved with their parents.

--How eating ice or chewing on pencils can indicate low iron. And the connection between iron deficiency and pregnancy cravings (even a craving to eat dirt!).

--Emotional and behavioral issues that result from low iron, and the connection between low iron and A.D.D. (especially in girls).

--The symptoms of iron deficiency and how low iron is too often missed by medical professionals.

--How iron levels in pregnant women impact the I.Q. of their child.

--The foods that are highest in iron (and the food Dr. Prather recommends especially for vegetarians and vegans).

--The particular iron level that MUST be checked...which most doctors don't bother to test.

--Why Anemia IS a big deal and how it can reduce the length and quality of your life.

--How iron toxicity is a very serious problem, especially among older men, and why it increases your chance of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and a FALSE diabetes diagnosis.

--The cases where iron toxicity was misdiagnosed as ALS or Parkinson's Disease.



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