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Some people have a negative view of Chiropractic care without realizing WHY they have a negative opinion. In this episode, we talk about:

--Why the perception of Chiropractic being unsafe and unscientific was the result of a conspiracy on the part of the American Medical Association that was proven in a landmark Supreme Court case.

--How insurance companies prove the safety of Chiropractic by offering Chiropractors the lowest malpractice rates of any health care professional. And how low malpractice rates surprisingly result in a lower reimbursement rate for Chiropractors.

--The variety of techniques in the Chiropractic profession (over 700!) and the gentle, non-force adjusting techniques Dr. Prather uses in his practice.

--The most common mobilization technique in Chiropractic that makes the "cracking and popping sounds". Plus, why Dr. Prather doesn't use that technique.

--Which health conditions require specialized Chiropractic adjusting techniques, including Osteoporosis and post-surgery.

--How the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment of the top vertebrae is a specialty of Dr. Prather, who is the only board-certified Atlas Orthogonist in the state of Indiana.

--How the study connecting strokes to Chiropractic adjustment was composed entirely of cases where the adjustments were made by people who weren't even Chiropractors!

--Why going to your hairdresser to get your hair washed is a higher risk than getting a Chiropractic neck adjustment.

--Why even post-surgical Scoliosis patients with a rod in their back can get relief from a safe, gentle, reflex adjustment technique.

--The benefits of Chiropractic adjustments for patients who have had knee and hip replacements.



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