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They cause 1 million ER visits per year. 10% of all men and 3% of all women suffer from kidney stones. In this episode, you'll find out:

--The cause of kidney stones, including the role of dehydration, obesity, fiber in diet, and what kind of salt you use. Plus, how Cancer survivors and Osteoporosis patients are more likely to get them.

--The Body Composition Analysis that determines the water concentration in your body (and how it shows about 50% of people are dehydrated). Plus, how painful feet when you wake up in the morning is an indication of dehydration. And why being dehydrated actually changes the chemistry of the body.

--How hormones determine your mineral balance. And why reducing Calcium intake is NOT effective in preventing kidney srones.

--Why Cadmium levels are a crucial key for those with chronic kidney stones.

--The role of table salt and high fructose corn syrup in kidney stone development. And how almost everyone with bariatric surgery gets kidney stones because of the pH changes in the body.

--The Structure/Function Health Care approach to treating kidney stones. And the surprising connection between Coca-Cola soda fountains in old-time drug stores and the treatment of kidney stones!

--The homeopathic formula that brings "almost immediate relief" from kidney pain. And how lemon juice can help change the pH of urine and prevent kidney stones.

--The foods you should AVOID when you have kidney stones (including a long list of HEALTHY stuff!). And the foods you SHOULD be eating to help eliminate kidney stones.

--The long-term damage that can come from kidney stones (including high blood pressure).

--How even children can get kidney stones.


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