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Weight loss is one of the top resolutions made for the new year. The Prather Practice has a proven program to help you reach your goals. In this episode, find out:

--That the obesity rate has dramatically climbed in the past two decades, including in Indiana which is in the Top 10 of obese states.

--How food portions and serving sizes have increased.

--Why The Prather Practice's approach to weight loss is more sustainable with permanent results compared to most of the "yo-yo" diets out there with only temporary results.

--How The Prather Practice doesn't just have one weight loss program, but an individualized program designed for each patient.

--Why eating smaller meals throughout the day is more in tune with how your body absorbs nutrients.

--How The Prather Program focuses on body fat percentage and inches lost as more important than indicators such as total pounds or Body Mass Index.

--The technique The Prather Practice uses that is similar to "a little Pac Man in the body" that eats up body fat for a 23-day or 45-day program to lose between a half-a-pound and a pound daily.

--Why Dr. Prather calls his program a "medical weight loss" program and why he insists on lab work before starting a patient on any weight loss program.

--That low Iron anemia will not allow your body to lose weight. And how it's very common at The Prather Practice for Type II Diabetes patients to completely eliminate their insulin after being on the HCG Diet.

--The G.I. Effects stool kit that a weight loss patient should have to determine any food allergies or underlying gut issues that directly contribute to gaining weight.



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