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As we kick off 2019, it's time to set goals and resolutions. But what are your goals and resolutions to maximize your health this year? In this episode, we talk about:

--The importance of finding out the exact state of your health through proper annual lab tests.

--Why The Prather Profile blood analysis is called "The Blueprint To Your Health" and is designed to show everything that could possibly go wrong with someone.

--How Dr. Prather helped a Girl's High School Cross Country team qualify for State for the first time after diagnosing the entire team with low Iron levels. (And how several girls on the team were able to stop taking prescriptions like Concerta and Adderall after that.)

--The reason why a PSA test is important for every man over the age of 45.

--Why an annual stool kit is recommended for EVERYONE at least once a year.

--How a Hair Analysis can show heavy metal toxicities and mineral deficiencies in the body. (And why it is especially important for neurological conditions like Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, and ALS, as well as learning disabilities.)

--The importance of taking care of your nervous system. And how the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic adjustment specialty at The Prather Practice can affect a person's health more than anything else.

--Why a sedentary lifestyle might mean this current generation will be the first one to not outlive their parents.

--How "excess sitting" is linked to 35 different diseases and conditions including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

--The shocking number of hours Americans sit each day compared to Americans in the past.


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