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As we kick off 2019, it's time to set goals and resolutions. But what are your goals and resolutions to maximize your health this year? In this episode, you'll learn about:

--Why "You don't know if you don't test" should be a guiding principle for your health care. And the three lab tests that everyone should have every year.

--How you need to have your nervous system working properly for anything else to work right in your body.

--Why what you do in your 40's and 50’s helps determine how your health will be in your 80’s and 90's. And why it is never too late to make positive changes to your health.

--The five different categories of Exercise and how each one is important for your health and well-being. And the category of Exercise that is the most important to increase your life-span (if you only picked one).

--The reason why the BMI (Body Mass Index) is NOT the best way to measure your body's fat percentage. And the more accurate Body Composition Analysis that has an error rate of 2% or less.

--How most diets fail because they burn muscle and organ tissue to lose weight and cause your fat percentage to increase. And how the weight loss approach of The Prather Practice targets the burning of fat.

--Why our attitudes and reactions to circumstances can create diseases in our bodies and change our body's physiology.

--How learning how to breathe properly can control your stress levels and shift your autonomic nervous system to a healing "rest and digest" mode.

--The 80-20 rule for balancing the sympathetic "fight and flight" mode of the body and the parasympathetic "rest and digest" mode of the body.

--The specific Chiropractic adjustments (Logan Basic, Cranial-Sacral) that Dr. Prather uses to balance out the nervous system and the respiratory system in his stressed patients.


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