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The most powerful pain killers ever invented have created the worst addiction crisis in American history. In this episode, you'll find out:

--How opiates block our body's own pain-killer mechanism and takes away a person's ability to feel pleasure. Plus, the situations in which opiates should (and should not) be used.

--The impact of marketing from pharmaceutical companies on the amount of prescriptions being prescribed. (And how doctors are prescribing FOUR TIMES as many opiates than in 1999.)

--How prescription opiates have fueled the rising use of heroin in America. (And how it has increased HIV and Hepatitis-C through the sharing of needles.)

--The shocking number of PREGNANT women prescribed opiates and how their babies are being born addicted.

--How Acupuncture gets "quicker and longer-lasting pain relief" compared to prescription opiates by helping your body produce its own pain-killers. (Plus, why the Veterans Administration refers patients to Dr. Prather for Acupuncture,)

--Why Auricular Therapy (micro-current stimulation of the ear) Is described as "one of the most powerful things we do" in Dr. Prather's office and "the most proven therapy in the world".

--Why it is not enough to get patients out of pain, but necessary to also restore function through rehabilitation and corrective exercise.

--How the new standards given this year by The Joint Commission (the leading health accrediting agency in the United States) line up with the integrated treatments at The Prather Practice.

--If a patient goes to a Chiropractor first, less than 1% require surgery. If a patient sees a surgeon first, 40% require surgery.

--The recommended treatments for those suffering with the disease of addiction (including Counseling, Auricular Therapy, and Non-Addictive Pain Relievers such as Homeopathics, Herbals, and Topical Prescriptions developed by the military).



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