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There are one million Americans diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. That's more cases than Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, or Muscular Dystrophy combined. In this episode, you'll find out:

--Why Dr. Prather focuses on "keeping the head back" in his Parkinson's patients to help with gait and balance issues.

--How a low-protein diet can "make an immediate difference" for Parkinson's patients. And the importance of food allergy testing for Parkinson's patients.

--The reduced limb pain and improved balance through Chiropractic treatments. And how Chiropractic adjustments increase the body's production of dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline (all deficiencies for Parkinson's patients).

--The "immediate change" in the neurological condition from Acupuncture along with reduced rigidity, decrease in pain, and better balance. And the importance of exercise like boxing and Tai Chi to slow and even reverse Parkinson's symptoms.

--Why Folic Acid is touted in the prevention of Lewy Bodies from forming. And why Niacin deficiency is caused from Parkinson's pharmaceuticals.

--The importance of Thiamine for Parkinson's prevention. And the hereditary tendency for Parkinson's Disease.

--The vitamins helpful for Parkinson's patients: B6, C, and E. And how those with Copper or Iron toxicity have a greater chance of developing Parkinson's Disease.

--How Manganese toxicity causes the same symptoms as Parkinson's. And the story of how Dr. Prather had three patients whose Parkinson's symptoms went away after their Manganese levels were properly balanced.

--How your chances of getting Parkinson's are three to four times higher if you have LOW Cholesterol.

--The "magic bullet" of Homeopathy that Dr. Prather uses to see "really excellent health effects" in Parkinson's patients. And how Dr. Prather recommends to his Parkinson's patients the Methylene Blue supplement and External CounterPulsation (ECP) Therapy.


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