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Structure-Function Health Care (as opposed to Disease Care) is a non-pharmaceutical and safe approach to health for pregnant Moms. In this episode, you'll learn:

--Why Structure-Function Care is important for women BEFORE they get pregnant in order to detox the body from heavy metal toxicities or deal with certain gut infections that can't really be dealt with during pregnancy.

--How Zinc deficiency can cause Infertility and impact the development of the baby.

--The emphasis of diagnostics at The Prather Practice and the reason diagnostics are even more important in the Structure-Function Health Care Model compared to the Disease Care Model. And the shocking fact about how "reference ranges" on lab tests have NOTHING to do with your health.

--How almost all women become Anemic during pregnancy. And how Anemia can impact the immune system and intelligence of the developing baby.

--The correlation of kidney health to pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. And how to avoid these conditions through proper protein intake.

--The value of eating liver (or taking liver capsules!) while pregnant for the health of the baby. And what the placenta reveals about the health of the pregnancy.

--How Hemorrhoids can be avoided during pregnancy. And where Hemorrhoids come from. (Not there!)

--Why Iodine has been proven to be the biggest factor in your child's I.Q. And its impact on the child's future Thyroid health.

--Why nutritional supplementation is so important for pregnant women. And why Dr. Prather says prenatal vitamins are "the bare minimum" required.

--The importance for Chiropractic care during pregnancy to help women keep comfortable and have a smoother delivery. Plus, how there are "happy baby" Acupuncture points that help both Moms and babies.


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