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Modern technology devices can be a wonderful source of accessing information and connecting with the people we love.  But too much screen time is rapidly becoming a source of many health problems  In this episode, find out:

—How "text neck" is literally causing HORNS to grow on the skulls of young people, which was never seen prior to the last five years.

—Why text neck is causing teenagers to have issues associated with aging, such as senility and balance issues.

—The number of hours the average teenager spends on their mobile devices daily.  Plus, how teens actually have panic attacks if they are separated from their devices.

—The shocking number of all teenagers who are on psychiatric prescription drugs today compared with teenagers in the 1970's.

—How the blue screen of modern technology devices causes poor sleep and insomnia.

—The approach Dr. Prather advises parents to take in order to protect their children from the dangers of too much screen time.

—How big corporations know 50,000 points of information about you to exploit.  And which social media platform reveals the MOST about you to marketers.

—Why erectile dysfunction in young men (18-30) was previously unheard of, but now affects 28% of young men.

—The way online pornography is "more addictive than any drug".  And the huge percentage of men who are now considered addicted to online pornography.

—Why too much screen time has been shown to divert 25% of young men from achieving their goals.



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