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Lyme Disease is the #1 reported vector-borne disease and the #6 reported disease in America right now. But Dr. Prather says many patients think they have it when they actually do not. In this episode, discover:

--How the test for Lyme Disease is only 70% accurate and can often lead to a misdiagnosis.

--Why you should be careful with tests for Lyme Disease that are not approved by the Centers for Disease Control.

--The "detective work and investigation" that Dr. Prather says is a part of diagnosing every health situation.

--How the most common tick-borne illness Dr. Prather sees in Indiana is not Lyme Disease, but Rickettsia ("Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever"). And how almost all of Dr. Prather's Lyme Disease patients are from the East Coast or from Minnesota.

--The story of four friends who all became ill and the only one who survived was the one who was treated by Dr. Prather.

--What you should do after you or a loved one has been bitten by a tick. And why an antibiotic after a tick bite could make the situation WORSE.

--The signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease. And the different forms of Lyme Disease that have different symptomatology and different treatments.

--How the Structure-Function Health Care approach taken by The Prather Practice focus on helping your body to fight the infection, while the Disease Care approach to fighting the infection can actually weaken the patient's immune system.

 --That we are now living in a "post-antibiotic age". And why Structure-Function Health Care is more necessary than ever because of this.

--How only 20% of antibiotics prescribed are actually necessary.  And how adding the appropriate nutrients can make an antibiotic four times more effective.




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