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Stress has dramatic impact upon our health--causing an estimated 30% of all disease. In this episode, you'll find out:

--How you can accomplish more and be more productive when you reduce stress levels. And why overwork can cause you to accomplish less.

--Why ZERO stress in your life is NOT good for you. And the healthy balance of stress versus relaxation we SHOULD have.

--The research that shows how stress can cause hormonal collapse, digestive failure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, insomnia, depression, loss of libido, and premature aging of the body.

--The Fight-Flight response of our body's sympathetic and parasympathetic systems in response to stress. Plus, the body's stages in response to stress.

--Why stress is a large factor in weight gain (especially in the gut), and how stress can even lower I.Q.

--The diagnostics you need that can measure how stressed you are and how people carry stress differently in their bodies. Plus, what low back pain indicates about your feelings towards your job.

--How Chiropractic can help relieve stress upon the body by getting the nervous system balanced properly. Plus, the study that shows Chiropractic is more effective in lowering blood pressure than the medication.

--The role Auriculotherapy (microcurrent stimulation of the ear) can play in reducing anxiety and relieving stress by shifting the body to a rest and digest mode.

--Why men see their Magnesium levels depleted during times of stress and how this contributes to sudden heart attacks.

--The role Homeopathic medicines can play in eliminating panic and anxiety.



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