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30% of Americans suffer from some sort of Anxiety.  Dr. Prather discusses how to treat these disorders in a natural way, plus gives an update on the Coronavirus.  In this episode, you'll discover:

—The precautions that should be taken for babies, children, and the elderly when it comes to avoiding illnesses like the Coronavirus.

—Why Dr. Prather says wearing surgical masks will NOT protect you from contracting Coronavirus and give a "false sense of security".

—The 3 natural supplements The Prather Practice offers to patients to help them boost their immune system and protect themselves from viruses.

—The reason why those on Cholesterol-lowering drugs are MORE susceptible to getting viruses like the Coronavirus.  And the supplement Dr. Prather recommends to avoid this.

—How Stress "is the biggest thing that wreaks havoc on your immune system".  And how watching a funny movie can give an "immediate" boost to your immune system.

—The reason women suffer from Anxiety disorders more commonly than men.

—The herbal remedies most effective for relieving Anxiety and Stress.

—Why flower essences can deal specifically with emotional issues.

—Why Vitamin B-6 ("the nerve vitamin") has been shown more effective than Carpal Tunnel surgery in helping to settle down the nerves.  Plus, how a person with an Anxiety disorder can become "a new person" once their Zinc-Copper levels are properly balanced.

—How changing the position of the body causes changes in someone's mental health.



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