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75% of smokers actually want to quit. Dr. Prather says an individualized approach to treatment is important as there are different causes and triggers to each person's addiction. In this episode, find out:

--How only 2% of the modern cigarette is tobacco, while most of the cigarette is CARDBOARD soaked in 70,000 chemicals! Plus, the change that occurs in your brain when you become addicted to cigarettes.

--How Dr. Prather calls Acupuncture "miraculous" in helping to eliminate the shakes and anxiety in those who are quitting smoking.

--That Auriculotherapy (microcurrent stimulation of points on the ear) helps change the brain waves that are associated with any addiction.

--Why Dr. Prather says that CELERY helps with the oral fixation of smoking and the need to do something with your hands.

--How those ALLERGIC to cigarette smoke become addicted to smoking. Plus, how Homeopathy helps those with a craving due to the allergic reaction to cigarette smoke.

--The importance of detoxifying the body of the harmful toxins from cigarettes as you are in the process of quitting.

--How cigarette smoking can trigger low back pain and herniated discs due to the nutritional deficiencies that come with smoking (such as Vitamin B and Vitamin C deficiencies).

--How your body can reverse the damage from years of smoking and why it is NEVER too late to quit to benefit your health.

--That second-hand smoke produces 60-70% of the harm compared to smoking the cigarette yourself. And how children have three times the chance of developing asthma if their parents are smokers.

--Why natural cigarettes made from real tobacco can be a helpful step as someone stops smoking the cigarettes filled with cardboard and chemicals.



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