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The average American eats 75 pounds of sugar each year when we should consume only 25 to 30 pounds per year. In this episode, find out:

--Why sugar itself is not a bad thing, but what we've done with it is.

--How the amount of fiber versus sugar in our diets has changed over the years.

--How sugar affects children differently than adults, as sugar actually changes a child's brain chemistry similar to how cocaine changes a brain. And how sugar addiction can lead to drug addiction.

--Why the problem is REFINED sugar that is more like a drug instead of the natural UNREFINED sugar that still contains all the nutrients.

--The results of Dr. Prather's tests on his kids and their friends in choosing between snacks made with refined versus unrefined sugar.

--Why you need a lot of fiber to properly process sugar. (And why oatmeal cookies can be good for you if done correctly.)

--How sugar changes I.Q., speed of learning, and the ability to concentrate.

--How sugar affects our immune system. And the links between sugar and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

--The healthy alternatives to sugar: Stevia (which Dr. Prather calls his favorite since it contains NEGATIVE calories), Xylitol (which helps with cavities and strengthens teeth), Honey (which if grown locally helps fight allergies), and Rapidura.

--How purified fruit juices can be a problem since they take out all the fiber (and why Dr. Prather is pro-pulp).



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