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Dr. Prather says your weight is not what is important, but the fat percentage in your body. The focus is "fat loss, not weight loss". In this episode, we talk about:

--The negative impacts to your body's physiology when your fat percentage is out of homeostasis.

--Why most diets result in the INCREASE of fat percentage. And the studies that show most diets result in people being worse off after five years than if they had never done the diet in the first place.

--How the reduction in nutrients per calorie consumed is the reason for the explosion in America's obesity rates. And how you will be less hungry when you eat foods with a higher nutritional value.

--Why "abs are made in the kitchen". And why we should get our food from farmers, not corporations, to reduce the toxicity level in our bodies.

--The importance of having your hormones balanced correctly if you want to see any results when it comes to losing fat.

--How The Prather Practice has a unique approach in NATURALLY balancing out a patient's hormones. And why Dr. Prather says bioidentical hormones are "extremely dangerous" and increase your cancer risk.

--Why the goal should be to have the BODY regulating your hormones, not the doctor.

--The role that the brain's image of your body (in the hypothalamus) plays in setting your body's weight. And how the HCG Diet tricks the brain to focus on eating fat, not muscle or organ tissue.

--How to increase your body's thermogenesis (the body's rate of burning calories).

--The reason why a person's gut health can often be the number one reason they are not losing weight.


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