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Dr. Prather uses these 8 items to evaluate the health of his patients. How does your health rate? In this episode, we talk about:

--How Dr. Prather's battle with Graves' Disease as a teenager influenced the development of this system.

--The 5 systems of the body's energy flow, and why all pain is caused by a blockage of energy flow.

--How proper oxygenation in the cells prevents cancer, and why anemia IS a big deal (in spite of what some doctors say).

--What Xenobiotics are and how it impacts several systems in your body.

--What the correct balance should be for water within and outside of your cells, and how this balance impacts your health.

--The blood test you should have annually to determine the vitamin and mineral balance in your body.

--The 5 categories of exercise essential for good health.

--What your "phase angle" is and the test that measures how well our body's battery is charged.

--The importance of our attitudes and outlook in our health (and the role homeopathy and flower remedies can play in improving this area).

--How several different patients with fibromyalgia each had a different underlying cause that needed to be addressed (and why an individual approach to health care is vital).


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