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The use of Botox for cosmetic purposes is increasing, even among young people. But the risks of Botox to a person's health should not be ignored. In this episode, discover:

--How Botox comes from the Botulism Neurotoxin, which is putting a poison into the nervous system that cuts off the function of the nerves.

--That the strongest warning you can get for a pharmaceutical is called a "black box warning", which is how Botox is classified. And why it shouldn't be taken lightly or casually because people are dying from Botox.

--How Dr. Prather sees patients suffering from severe migraines, drooping of the eyes, TMJ, and a weakened immune system as a result of Botox injections. And why he believes we'll discover more problems in the future from Botox injections as the Neurotoxins remain in your body for life.

--The protocols you should seek out from a qualified physician if you decide to have Botox injections (instead of attending Botox parties with someone unqualified).

--The threat from Botox "knockoffs" with as many unregulated Botox procedures as regulated procedures happening.

--That Botox is ONLY approved by the FDA for wrinkles in the forehead, but is being used for a variety of things such as Cerebral Palsy, Migraines, and TMJ. And how children with Cerebral Palsy have died as a result of such use.

--The list of expected side-effects from Botox including dry mouth, pain, tiredness, headaches, and neck pain. Plus, the serious ones such as difficulty breathing or swallowing, loss of strength and muscle weakness throughout the body, blurred vision, change or loss of voice, and loss of bladder control.

--Safe and painless alternatives to Botox in Structure-Function Care for Torticollis and Migraines. And why Dr. Prather thinks Facial Acupuncture and types of Microcurrent treatments are more effective and permanent than Botox in reducing wrinkles.

--How Dr. Prather is disturbed to see salesmen in his office trying to convince him to do Botox injections as a Chiropractor.

--The danger of becoming a "Botox junkie". And why you should not have Botox done if you've recently had an antibiotic, have any immune system compromise, or taken an over-the-counter cold, flu, or sleep medicine.


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