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We're concluding our series on the 18 different B Vitamins and the major impact they have on our health. In the past two weeks, we've covered the first six. In this episode, discover:

--Why vitamins and minerals are truly classified as "life-giving", while pharmaceuticals exist to stop a crisis situation.

--How Vitamin B-7 (Biotin) is known for hair and nail growth and is added to hair products. And how Biotin deficiency is the cause of loss of eyelashes, loss of eyebrows, "cradle cap" in babies, and blood sugar levels that are all over the place.

--The reason Vitamin B-8 (Inositol) is used in conjunction with Vitamin B-18 (Choline) for liver congestion and gallbladder function, along with neurological conditions that affect the myelin sheaths (like Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's). And why Dr. Prather says the liver and the nervous system are linked so that what helps with one usually helps the other.

--How Vitamin B-9 (Folic Acid) is the most common vitamin deficiency in the entire world, contributing to birth defects such as cleft palate and spina bifida. And how proper Folic Acid levels help with infertility, the prevention of Cancer, restless leg syndrome, and Down Syndrome.

--Why Vitamin B-10 (PABA) is known as "the sunscreen vitamin" and helps with skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis. Plus, how Vitamin B-10 is beneficial for female infertility, hair loss, and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

--How numbness and tingling in the hands and feet are often indicators for a Vitamin B-12 deficiency. And how Vitamin B-12 deficiency in older people dramatically increases their chance of falling.

--Why Vitamin B-12 is one of the most sensitive vitamins to pharmaceuticals. And why vegans and vegetarians are going to have a B-12 deficiency.

--The importance of Vitamin B-13 for our energy production and in helping our heart to function when recovering from a heart attack.

--The reason Vitamin B-15 is known as the sports performance vitamin (and is banned in many countries). And it helps with hangovers, too!

--The role Vitamin B-17 plays as the anti-Cancer vitamin.



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