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There are 18 different B Vitamins, and they have a major influence on your health. But last week, we only covered three! So the saga continues... In this episode, we talk about

--Why Vitamins should not be taken for granted as they are the building blocks for getting well and having optimal performance.

--How you need a daily supply of water soluble vitamins like Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

--The reason that Vitamin B-4 (Adenine) isn't often covered in discussions of Vitamin B, but is often in need of supplementation. And the role Adenine plays in healing damage to the heart, improving the immune system, and boosting function of memory and the brain.

--How Adenine supplementation helps with Fibromyalgia, cardiac arrhythmia, chronic constipation, diabetes, infections, and Armenia. And how Dr. Prather says Adenine is absolutely critical for almost every Parkinson's Disease patient, as well as patients with Alzheimer's Disease.

--The importance of Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) supplementation for the adrenal glands. And how Vitamin B-5 is known as the anti-stress, anti-anxiety, and anti-depression vitamin.

--Why almost everyone with neuropathy in the feet needs Vitamin B-5 supplementation. And why The Prather Practice gets "really good results" in getting neuropathy under control.

--The three populations most at risk for Vitamin B deficiencies: children, pregnant women, and the elderly. And the way Vitamin B-5 supplementation can help the elderly with coordination and balance issues to avoid falls.

--The big difference Vitamin B-5 can make for acne and skin irritation issues.

--How Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine) is helpful for almost everybody with carpal tunnel syndrome. Plus, how Vitamin B-6 helps with sciatica, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, oily face, kidney stones, and PMS.

--Why cracks of the lips and tongue indicate Vitamin B-6 deficiency. And why Vitamin B-6 is "extremely helpful" for learning disorders, dyslexia, and autism.



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