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There are 3 tests Dr. Prather recommends everyone have every year to get a blueprint to your health. One of those tests is a Hair Analysis to reveal your body's mineral levels. In this episode, you'll learn:

--Why Mineral deficiency is common due to the deficiencies in our food, and how entire civilizations rise and fall based on the quality of minerals in their land.

--The role stress, pharmaceuticals, and diet play in mineral depletion.

--Why Minerals are so important to our health.

--What a Hair Analysis reveals.

--How heavy metal toxicity poisons your body and dramatically impacts your health. And who is at greatest risk for heavy metal toxicity (such as 80% of dentists and 40% of children).

--Why Hair Analysis is key for Cancer patients.

--How Aluminum toxicity impacts Autism, Asperger's Disease, ADD, and ADHD. And how we consume an increasing amount of Aluminum through cookware, vaccinations, food preservatives, and anti-perspirants.

--Why Dr. Prather will not treat someone with Osteoporosis unless he can do a Hair Analysis. (And how more Calcium can actually make Osteoporosis WORSE in certain cases.)

--The most common Mineral deficiency and how it can affect your health in a variety of areas: vision, heart problems, kidney issues, liver disorders, prostate problems, fertility, and eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

--The role Minerals play in triggering depression.



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