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Our Endocrine System influences how we think, our emotions, and who we are. Dr. Prather calls it "The Chemical Master" of our body. In this episode, you'll discover:

--That Endocrine System problems include hair loss, weight gain, a general feeling of malaise and fatigue. And even our happiness is connected to it. Anxiety and Depression often go away when the Endocrine System is fixed.

--Why women have an Endocrine System that is a moving target, while men have a very simple system. And hear the amazing explanation on why a healthy Endocrine system makes someone more attractive!

--How growing boys can become taller (with a variance of up to 4 inches) if their endocrine system is balanced properly. And why Jr. High basketball players come to see Dr. Prather to become taller!

--How Pituitary and Hypothalamus can impact the menstrual cycles of young women who often are encouraged to go on prescription birth control to balance out their periods. (And the unhealthy side effects of long term birth control use.)

--How pharmaceuticals can damage the Endocrine System. For example, how Synthroid causes depression in 80% of users. And how even Aspirin and Ibuprofen impact our Endocrine System in a negative way.

--The role the Parathyroids play in Calcium regulation (which if not balanced properly can lead to Osteoporosis or Kidney Stones).

--Why Headaches, Hypertension, Panic Attacks, and Anxiety are linked to Adrenal Gland function. And how 80% of High Blood Pressure is rooted in the Adrenal Glands.

--How Dr. Prather says we abuse our Pancreas and its importance to our health and wellness (such as in Type II Diabetes). And why Dr. Prather says Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled WITHOUT medication.

--The role of the gonads (the eggs and testes) in our Endocrine system and in regulating our hormones. And how our Endocrine System is directly tied to our sexual health, our muscle strength, and remaining young and vibrant. Plus, why Dr, Prather says declining Hormones result in aging instead of aging being the cause of declining Hormones.

--Why the chemicals in our food and water can damage sperm count in men and change the proper hormonal balance in our bodies.



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