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Are treatments in Alternative Medicine such as Acupuncture compatible with Christianity? Dr. Prather answers that question. In this episode, you'll discover:

--The difference between Structure-Function Health Care as practiced by The Prather Practice and the perceived definition of Alternative Medicine.

--How Dr. Prather answered one woman whose pastor told her not to do Acupuncture treatments because it was associated with Buddhism.

--Why Homeopathy has no religious or spiritual connotations, but includes evidence-based medicines such as Nitroglycerin.

--The role of Quantum Physics as the basis of Homeopathy and why it works.

--How atheists are the ones suppressing scientific advancement and knowledge today by denying scientific evidence of God. And why Israel is seeing more scientific advances and new inventions than any other country.

--Why the Disease Care Model that is the basis of our health care system is NOT a Christian-based system. And why the philosophy of "modern medicine" is actually an ancient system based on pagan religion.

--The connection between the ancient Asclepius cult, modern humanism, and our health care system today. And the Abraham Flexner report (written by a passionate opponent of Christianity) in 1910 that forms the basis of our health care system.

--How the philosophy that you should ONLY use pharmaceuticals to heal is ludicrous. And why Dr. Prather advocates an 80%-20% balance between Structure-Function Care and Disease Care.

--The Asclepian philosophy that formed the American Medical Association to combat Homeopathic Medicine.

--Why Dr. Prather adheres to the health care philosophy known as the Physiologists, who were the ones who basically came up with all of our blood tests and lab tests.



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