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Diabetes is the fastest-growing disease in America.  35 million Americans have Diabetes, and about 80 million are pre-Diabetic.  In this episode, we talk about:

—Why Diabetes is a growing problem. And why this issue is unique to America.

—The (really gross!) story behind the name Diabetes and how the Ancient Greek doctors used to diagnose it.

—How Dr. Prather finds "there are more people who come into our office who are pre-Diabetic than aren't."

—The role of viruses like Coxsackie B in kicking off Type I Diabetes.

—The 3 P's of Diabetes symptoms to be aware of.  Plus, how weight loss is a "red flag" symptom of Diabetes...which is often caused by weight gain.

—How the nerves, the kidneys, and eyes are damaged by Diabetes.  And the increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer that come from Diabetes.

—The two reasons why the Millennial generation will be the first generation to not live longer than their parents.

—How Type II Diabetes  "HAS to be" dealt with through Structure-Function Health Care, while Disease Care is "totally worthless" in getting Type II Diabetes under control.

—Why herbals are "amazing" for dealing with Diabetes.  And the role Homeopathy plays in dealing with Diabetes, especially when dealing with children.

—The WORST food for Diabetes that increases blood sugar more than any other food.  And how fiber is "probably one of the best medicines" for Diabetes.

—How Vitamin utilization is decreased by Diabetes, while the need for Vitamins is increased by Diabetes in order to prevent damage to your body.  And why Chromium is described by Dr. Prather as a "magic" mineral for Diabetes.



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