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Dr. Prather gives the weekly update on COVID-19 and discusses the pre-existing conditions most associated with a severe Coronavirus reaction.  In this episode, you'll discover:

—Why Dr. Prather describes the information coming out about COVID-19 as "very confusing".

—The surprising political party difference for Coronavirus infection rates.

—How it might take up to TWO YEARS for the statistics and information about COVID-19 to be fully analyzed and understood.

—How 85% of Coronavirus deaths have other causes of death (comorbidities) that they are dying from.  And the difference between dying FROM COVID-19 and dying WITH COVID-19.

—The pre-existing conditions that affect COVID-19, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

—How free radical pathology is associated with worse results from COVID-19 and why antioxidants are "extremely important".  Plus, Dr. Prather's frustration in how Vitamin C treatments for COVID-19 are not being allowed in this country, even though they are being shown effective in other countries.

—Why COVID-19 seems to be more involved with the circulatory system instead of the respiratory system.  And the symptoms of "COVID-19 feet".

—The top causes of death in America (and which ones are getting worse).

—Why stroke and aneurysms are linked to free radical pathology.

—The alarming increase in deaths from Alzheimer's Disease.



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